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Send the invitation to us and we will confirm within 15 business days, if you didn’t get receive any response in the mentioned days, kindly reach our office to get confirmation. Acceptance purely based on HIS will and our availability.

Our team is always ready to join with you/your church ministry to glorify HIM above all, irrespective of culture, region and denomination. Our itinerary, stay and our needs will be taken care of by us.

Generous offering for ministry and for our expenses will be remitted on behalf of House of Bread Church or Peace Trust.

2. DO’S

  • One or two point of contact number should be provided for our assistance and they should be available and reachable till the meeting gets over.
  • Advertisement contents and design will be provided/ approved by our team.
  • To avoid delay and discrepancy, the schedules has to be shared with us earlier, and we will adhere to the schedule.


  • Photos or videos should not focus the audience when there is an altar call or individual prayer time and it’s strictly prohibited.
  • Should not expose our team with unscriptural slogans/videos. Our team members’ name should be titled explicitly as “Bro.” and nothing else will be encouraged.
  • Should not expose House of Worship as a special meeting in any form.


It’s better to have a translation in local language to reach the un-reached for better understanding.

Reach Us

  • Telephone:
    +91 431 2430335
  • Mobile:
    +91 89039 77014
  • Office Hours:
    9:30AM to 6:30PM
  • Address:
    No: 33 , Anna Nagar, Srirangam,Trichy – 620006.

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